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What is the most humid city in the US?

The relative humidity (or ) of an air-water mixture is defined as the ratio of the partial pressure of water vapor () in the mixture to the equilibrium vapor pressure of water () over a flat surface of pure water at a given temperature: = Relative humidity is normally expressed as a percentage; a higher percentage means that the air-water mixture is more humid.

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The ten most humid of America’s major cities have a humidity level that averages over 72.5 percent year round. New Orleans has the highest relative humidity among big US cities, with an average of nearly 86 percent. The Louisiana city is followed closely by second-ranked Jacksonville, Florida.

America’s Driest Cities 2015 (PHOTOS) By sean breslin. vicks also made a list of the most humid cities in the United States. Both lists can be viewed in map form on its website.

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While it’s impossible to imagine, Beaumont/Port Arthur is not the most humid area in the United States. At least, not according to On Thursday, The Weather Channel released a list of.

Use this web tool to find your city’s climate twin’. “Every place is getting warmer and many are getting drier,” Matthew Fitzpatrick, author of the study, told CityLab. In fact, most cities. that.

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Hauer’s study also cited New Orleans as one of the US cities most vulnerable to flooding. while wet-bulb temperatures – which account for both heat and humidity – reached 85 degrees. Studies have.

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Using these numbers, we calculated the average of each city’s annual morning relative humidity and annual afternoon relative humidity and organized the list by comparing these averages. So, without further ado, here’s a roundup of the 50 most humid cities in the U.S.-ranked from least humid to most humid.