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What Is An Escrow Surplus Check

I received a check from my mortgage loan service paying me for a surplus in my escrow account. It explained that they did an analysis of our escrow, and based on our current payment we were due the surplus. Our monthly payment includes an escrow contribution to cover hazard insurance and property taxes.

Escrow deposits are determined by the due dates of your property taxes and insurance renewal dates. If your taxes are paid annually and are coming due in the next 2 months they will collect the entire year plus a cushion of 1-2 months.

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Escrow typically collects one-twelfth of insurance and property taxes with each mortgage payment. It is possible that there are overages, although this is rare.

An analysis of your escrow account is conducted each year to determine if any fluctuations in insurance or tax payments have resulted in a payment shortage or overage. If you have paid less than anticipated, you will receive a refund check for the surplus amount from your lender.

Each year, your lender must refund any excess of actual expenses, or any surplus beyond what it can legally maintain in the account as reserves. By law, your lender can only maintain reserves equal to two months worth of escrow charges. Any overage in the escrow account must be refunded to you and may arrive in the form of a disbursement check.

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Escrow Surplus (applies to single-family loans only). surplus funds in your account and if this excess is greater than $50, we will send you a refund check.

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Escrow Surplus Law and legal definition. escrow surplus means an amount by which the current escrow account balance exceeds the projected target balance for the account at the time of an escrow analysis. If an escrow surplus is determined, the servicer shall refund the surplus to the borrower.