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Section 1 Termite Clearance

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 · Termite inspection and Section 1 clearance required. If there are any Section 2 items that involve moisture they must also be cleared. The buyer must not pay for the termite report, but may (in some cases) pay for required repairs. Repair recommendations may be required by appraiser as well.

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Need Section 1 clearance before buying or selling a property? California requires Section 1 issues to be resolved prior to buying or selling a home. Section 1 is used to describe insect or fungal infections in the structure of the building. Property Doctor specializes in wood damage repair including termite damage repair.

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These include roof inspection and repairs, chimney cleaning and inspection and Section 1 termite clearance. Nearby, the.

Ordering your termite inspection for your home in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, Newbury Park, Moorpark, Calabasas, Conejo.

Articles » Moisture Control » Section 2 Items on Termite Reports.. Section two (2) items are as mentioned previously areas that might attract an infestation to any wood structures like it is in the areas where an excessive moisture conditions exists. Most commonly this comes in the form of a plumbing, shower or roof leak.

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(1) Identification of infestations or infections. (2) The making of an inspection or inspections for the purpose of identifying. address initial clearance of the site to be fumigated, potential movement of the fumigant to unattended areas, and continued site security. When conditions. 1 as set forth in Section.