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how soon after closing can i buy a car

Can I buy a new car after few days of closing ? (insurance. – I would think even if after 1 week my credit probably still not update with the home mortgage and so would be easier to get a car loan.. maybe ? I bought a home in Nov 2010, the lender didnt actually report to any of the agencies until 3 months afterwards.

Buying a car right after closing.. Like the next day. –  · Now, the OP has said nothing about "barely qualifying for the loan" or any other red flag, so I mostly agree that they absolutely COULD head right to a car dealer after closing, but the more prudent thing to do is, like they suggest, buy a car the WEEKEND after closing.

Can I Get a Car Loan After Buying a Home? | – However, it also increases the interest you pay on the auto loan. In the long run, you pay more for the car with a longer repayment term. Although you potentially can finance a new car for seven to nine years, you should opt for the car and loan that will allow you to pay it off in the shortest period possible, such as two years, recommends CNBC.

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Do FHA Lenders Check My Credit Score Again Before Closing. – Reader question: “At what point during the home-buying process do FHA. They do an initial pull shortly after you apply for financing, and they often do a second. With that being said, most FHA lenders check your credit score as early in the.

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I need to buy a car very soon but I am trying to get a. – You need to wait on the car until after you close on your new property. It’s even suggested that you wait 30 days until after the closing. Every time you visit a dealer they will pull your credit whether you give them permission to or not.

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