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How Old Is Too Old To Buy A House

The age of the house itself has nothing to do with the age of what’s inside it. My 200 year old house has a 1 year old furnace. The roof is 75 years old, but super solid metal that will last 50 years more than a new shingle roof.

The photo at left of the old Edgecombe House at 736 King St. in Fredericton was taken in the early 1890s. fred edgecombe added towers, bays, cupolas and decorative siding to the home around 1896.

I would like your opinions/experience on when is it too old to buy a home (or are you never too old to buy). I am thinking when I retire to a less expensive area that it might be cheaper to buy say a 100K townhome and pay the mortgage rather than rent, where I would have to put up with noisy neighbors, etc.

But I’m wondering at what point is a house too old. If I invest in rehabbing these older houses, should I expect the house to last another 100 years with the proper maintenance, or should I consider a house’s life expectancy to always be on a downward trend because maintaining it is no longer cost-effective?

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There’s no age that’s considered too old to buy a house. However, there are different considerations to make when buying a house near or in retirement.

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The short answer to your question, Patricia, is no: You’re not too old to buy a home. I suspect it’s because you’ve never been down this road before and are afraid it may be too much to.

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Can I buy a house at 65 years of age? I am a 65 yr old widow with an income of $30K and a large savings acct. I own my home outright and would like to buy a smaller house in town (I have 18 acres in the country).

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