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General Other Than Honorable Discharge Benefits

Of the five types of discharges, three are available to Soldiers when they are discharged administratively: Honorable, General Under Honorable Conditions, and Under Other than honorable conditions. service members normally receive an Honorable Discharge when they complete their tour of duty and their service meets or exceeds the required.

In fact, a General discharge (as it often called) is awarded when significant negative aspects of the member’s conduct or performance outweigh positive aspects of their conduct or performance. A General (Under Honorable Conditions) characterization may jeopardize a member’s Montgomery G.I. Bill and other veteran’s benefits.

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The most severe type of military administrative discharge is the Other Than Honorable Conditions. Some examples of actions that could lead to an Other Than honorable discharge include security violations, use of violence, conviction by a civilian court with a sentence including prison time, or being found guilty of adultery in a divorce hearing (this list is not a definitive list; these are only examples).

How discharges affect eligibility for veterans benefits. If you received an honorable or general discharge, you’re eligible for most veterans benefits, assuming you meet the other qualifying factors for that benefit. A few benefits, such as GI Bill education benefits, require an honorable discharge.

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. range from "honorable" to "general, under honorable conditions," "other than honorable," "bad conduct," and finally "dishonorable." Without an honorable discharge, the V.A. progressively reduces.

In addition, the majority of veterans’ benefits are not available to individuals who receive an under other than honorable conditions discharge, including the Montgomery GI Bill and (in most cases) VA healthcare benefits. The main problem will be applying for a job. That type of discharge will need explanation.

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such as a general discharge or other-than-honorable discharge, for failing to meet certain required performance standards. discharge ratings below honorable can prevent a veteran from receiving some.

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has made mental health care treatment available to former service members with other-than-honorable (OTH) administrative discharges through two new programs. One service, initiated in 2017, is specifically focused on expanding access to assist former OTH service.

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