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deceased parents home foreclosure

Are surviving children responsible for Mortgages?. In most cases, children are not obligated to pay a deceased parent’s debt. However, if the child wishes to keep a home with a mortgage, the child.

They’re not personally liable for the debt, and they can walk away and let the home go into foreclosure without damage to their credit or financial standing. However, if the children want to keep a deceased parent’s home, they must keep making the mortgage payments.

I have a question about Foreclosure on a home of a deceased parent.? Three years ago my mother in law died. leaving a over mortgaged home. The home is worth only about 10,000, with all the problems it has, however her loan is through citifinantial and is over 40,000.

Happy memories of children gathering at your family home cast a sentimental. the property could be foreclosed on and taken out of the family in a bankruptcy. “It’s usually better to transfer.

A discussion of what to do when a homeowner dies while his/her property is in foreclosure or the property falls into foreclosure after death. Sackrin & Tolchinsky, P.A. Representing clients in Florida since 1982. Call us Today at (954) 458-8655. When florida real estate becomes a part of a.

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Foreclosure of a Deceased Parent’s Home – ExpertLaw – Foreclosure of a Deceased Parent’s Home My question involves a foreclosure in the State of: Florida My siblings and I received a summons saying that a lawsuit had been filed against us as well as my mother’s husband.

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Heir received summons for foreclosure on deceased mothers property – heir not interested in property- what to do? 2 years ago my mother died and left a mortgage and revolving line of credit 2nd mortg..

It would be nice if liens and mortgages disappeared into thin air when the owner of the land dies, but that is not the case in this country. A lien represents a debt and is secured by the land.

Imagine losing an elderly parent only to find, while still grieving, the family home your parents purchased is going to be foreclosed on by their lender. should home prices fall after the.